Modern mama: how to host your own baby shower

Posted on November 21st, 2018 Sponsored by MiWay Insurance

If you are hosting your baby shower at home and you have not known all the guests for years, it’s important to make sure that your valuables are covered by way of your home insurance policy.

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As a mother, or mother-to-be, you have a pretty good reputation – everyone seems to think that you can do it all!

If you already have kids, and a partner (read: ‘another kid’), then you know all about how hectic a mom’s schedule can be. From cooking meals, to cleaning the house, to helping with homework and having to appear to be enthusiastic when your child picks up their third silk worm for the day, they all need you. Being a mom comes with many responsibilities that, although they can be taxing, are wonderfully rewarding.

And because you can do it all, you can even plan your own baby shower! You know why? Because you’re a woman and you are amazing at planning your life!

The guest list

No, you do not have to invite your cousin’s step brother’s daughter twice-removed. But do think about including significant others. You’re already having a non-traditional baby shower by planning it yourself, so there’s no reason why your attendees’ partners can’t join in the fun. Invite all those who are close to you as a couple – especially those who may play a role in your unborn child’s life.

Have a registry

Although an influx of disposable diapers may not go to waste, you wouldn’t want 10 different hairbrushes for your little one. Carefully consider the items you have not been able to buy and add them to the registry. Your guests can then choose which item they are able to contribute and then tick that off the list. That way, you will have a variety of gifts you need and will be put to good use.

Choose an appropriate date

Right after pay day is a huge plus! Your guests will have bucks to splurge on baby spoils (we hope). Also, try to avoid a baby shower on a day when there is a huge sports match. Otherwise the complaints will come pouring in and you would not want everyone to have to compromise on a thrilling game. Better yet, let the match be part of the fun of the day.

Keep them entertained

Find a few ice breakers online such as some fun baby shower games. Before the speeches or you open your unborn baby’s prezzies, play a game or two to keep your guests ‘in the game’, in a manner of speaking. Oh yes, everyone would love to see dad trying to change a doll’s diaper in less than 10 seconds. Practice makes perfect, right?

Glorious food

The food, oh the food! This is the second most-important item on the list – you being the most important, of course. Your guests will get hungry, so offer snacks and treats from the start. If you are on a bit of a budget, ask some close friends to bring along a platter of snacks. After all, the more, the merrier. And if there is any left, they’re sure to appreciate some padkos on their way out.

If you are hosting your baby shower at home and you have not known all the guests for years, it’s important to make sure that your valuables are covered by way of your home insurance policy. It’s an awful thought, but this way, if any of your precious items go missing or accidentally break, you should be able to replace them without too much hassle. So, before sending out those fabulous invites, apply for an online insurance quote for affordable, reliable insurance, and start living life your way. Today!

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