Lions rugby player and beauty pageant finalist expecting a baby!

Posted on February 20th, 2017

Mrs SA Finalist Semone Skosan and Lions rugby player Courtnall Skosan shared their pregnancy news in an exclusive interview with Living and Loving.

Semone and Courtnall Skosan expecting

Power couple Semone and Courtnall Skosan will be swapping the walkway and rugby field for night-time feeds and pyjama drills soon. The couple revealed that they are expecting their first child in an exclusive interview with us earlier this month.

As soon-to-be first-time mom, we asked Semone some questions about their baby news:

Do you want a boy or a girl and do you have a name picked out yet?

At this moment, we’re unaware of what the baby’s gender is, and all that really matters is that the baby will be healthy. We enjoy chatting about possible names, but it can get tricky not knowing the gender just yet.

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Do you have any pregnancy cravings?

I do have cravings from time to time but nothing too crazy. I can’t look at or smell meat. I enjoy flavoured milk almost every day as well as plain boiled pasta or mashed potato. Before we found out I was pregnant, Courtnall found it a bit strange that he had to get me a Steri Stumpie every now and then while on holiday in Cape Town.

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What was the first thing you did when you found out that you were pregnant?

The lab called me a few hours after going for a blood test to give me my results. I couldn’t wait to share the news with Courtnall, so I headed to the shops in search of something to make my announcement to him. Outside the front door, I placed a “piggy bank” in the shape of a baby’s bottle with little shoes inside and emoticon helium balloons. Courtnall opened the door with the biggest smile on his face, asking me if it was real. We shared a surreal moment that we will cherish for the rest of our lives.

Have you bought anything for the baby yet?

 Yes, of course. I bought a Babygro that gives dad instructions as to where he needs to put the baby’s legs and arms, and a Doppler to listen to the baby’s heartbeat.

Semone and Courtnall Skosan

Have you decided what type of birth you want? Natural or C-section?

If it were my decision, I would choose to give birth naturally.

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What are the best and worst things about being pregnant?

The worst thing about pregnancy is morning sickness at the weirdest of times. The best thing about pregnancy is the miracle that is currently happening, knowing that in six months’ time our precious little one will be in our arms.

In an interview with People Magazine, you said that you struggled with your weight for 15 years. Are you following any special nutrition and exercise programmes now that you are pregnant?

Changing my lifestyle made all the difference. I’m not on any diet as I do eat a lot more than I used to, but I’m grateful that junk food is something that I don’t crave. I enjoy fruit, vegetables and water more than I used to. On my good days, I do a seven-minute prenatal Pilates workout in the morning and a 30-minute prenatal workout in the afternoon. I plan on getting in more cardio in the gym at a later stage.

Tell us about your beauty regime now that you are a mommy-to-be – are you using any special creams to prevent stretch marks?

Due to hormonal breakouts, the only products that are helping my skin are the Dermaceutic range of skincare products. I also use tissue oil and coconut oil-based creams to assist with stretch marks.

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