4 Apps to get you pregnant

These apps should make the process of charting your temperature, your menstrual cycle and your mucous simple:

WomanLog Calendar
For: Android and Apple iPhone
Cost: Free or get the Pro version for R31

This app is pretty and easy to use. It tracks your period, temperature and most fertile days. This calendar scored an average rating of 4.6 stars on the Play store.
The Pro version comes with no ads, cervical mucous monitoring, luteal phase tracking and additional notifications for breast exams or any medication you have to take. It gets 4.7 stars.

What users say: “I understand myself so much better. It’s so easy to record physical and emotional symptoms. It’s amazing to see the charts and have a visual of my cycle.”

For: Android and Apple iPhone
Cost: Free
In-app purchase: Different lengths of VIP membership

This advanced app monitors your menstrual cycle and fertile phase comprehensively. Once you’re pregnant, you can use the integrated Pregnancy Tracker. It ties back into the FertilityFriend website, and claims 650 000 pregnancies so far.

What users say: “I love this app. I can keep track of everything. love that you can view past cycles.”

For: Apple iPhone
Cost: Free
In-app purchase: Membership for R51, 30-day Kindara care subscription for R615; and support for R51

Kindara claims to help you fall pregnant fast with a calendar, full-screen fertility chart and support from fertility experts to answer your questions. The in-app purchases are expensive, but you get personal responses to your questions via email. This is the one to go for if you really want support through this process and you have the budget.

What users say: “Kindara gives consistent, friendly, knowledgeable and thorough support at every turn. My emails have always been answered in a timely manner with detailed and trustworthy information.”

For: Android and Apple iPhone
Cost: Free (no in-app purchases)

Developed by Harvard scientists and leading fertility experts, Ovuline’s Smart Fertility tracker makes it easy and fun to fall pregnant by tracking your cycle, moods, ovulation, temperature, mucous and symptoms. They reckon that their US users fall pregnant three times faster than the national average. It scores 4.5 stars.

What users say: “I haven’t found any other app that maps my irregular cycles so well.”

Using a BlackBerry?

We weren’t able to track down a wide range of fertility apps for BlackBerry users.

  • WomanMobile comes with a whopping price tag of R159.99. It offers extensive features – including temperature mapping, doctors’ visits and personal notes – but the user reviews aren’t great.
  • Ovulation Days is a free app, but it only uses your cycle to calculate your fertile days. Despite this, it seemed to be enough to earn it some outstanding reviews.

*Originally published in January 2014

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