What you need to know about the Babypod vagina speaker

Posted on January 12th, 2016

Now even your unborn baby can listen to Adele’s latest hit song Hello with the new Babypod vagina speaker. A Spanish company, Babypod, has invented a speaker that is designed to be inserted into the vagina which apparently helps to stimulate foetal development.

It’s been well documented how playing music or singing to your baby in utero can help pacify your baby after birth. Even though a baby’s ears are only fully developed by 24 weeks, they are able to feel rhythmical movement from 16 weeks, say experts. If you sing to your baby, or play the same tune over and over, she’ll recognise and be reassured by it after birth.

According to researchers, the more stimulation your baby gets in the womb, the more connections and pathways her brain will create. During the first nine months of her life, the auditory, visual and other parts of the brain – even the ability to concentrate, begin to mature. Incredibly, during pregnancy, a baby develops as many as 50 000 brain cells per second, and by the time she’s born, she’ll have around 100 billion brain cells.

But is it really necessary for a vaginal speaker? Won’t the usual prenatal speakers or headphones around the tummy do?

Apparently not. “There is a difference between music via the vagina and via the abdomen. The only way the music can really reach the baby is vaginally,” states the company’s website. They explain that the sounds a baby hears from outside the abdomen, say via headphones, is very muffled. It’s the same as listening to a conversation in the next room – you don’t catch everything that is being said. Babies can only perceive sound like we do via the vagina. “The vagina is a closed space, so sound is not dispersed in the environment. In addition, there are less soft tissue layers separating the baby from the sound target, only the vaginal and uterine walls. By placing a speaker inside the vagina, we overcome the barrier formed by the abdominal wall and the baby can hear sounds with almost as much intensity and clarity as when emitted,” notes the website.

So how much will the Babypod vagina speaker cost and where is it available?

You can order the Babypod online from their website for R2 276.75.

Visit www.babypod.net for more info.

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