6 pregnancy trends you definitely don’t need to follow

You want to have the healthiest pregnancy possible and pay attention when it comes to advice about you and your unborn baby. However, when it comes to fads and fashions when you are expecting, you don’t have to follow the crowd. By Lijeng Ranooe

With the internet making our world smaller, there’s the perception that the more people do something, the better an idea it is. But when it comes to your pregnancy and birth process, you should feel comfortable and have the best interests for your baby. So trust your instincts with pregnancy trends.

Here are six pregnancy trends that you don’t really have to try:

  • Push gifts

Your greatest gift will be your baby, so you don’t need to pressure your partner for a present after your labour.

  • Using the placenta

You have probably heard of the benefits of the placenta and the different ways it can be used after you have given birth. But if you get a little grossed out by the thought, it’s OK to decline any of the options.

  • Live tweeting labour

Privacy can be a rare thing these days. If you don’t want to share your experience and pictures of your baby right away (or ever), you don’t have to. Your pregnancy and birth is a personal journey and you can keep it that way.

  • Professional make-up right after giving birth

After the birth you will have earned the glow, so embrace this. You don’t need to hire a make-up artist.

  • Extravagant nursery decorations

You don’t have to go over the top when it comes to nursery décor. Once there’s a baby in the nursery, what is important is that it is a functional, comfortable space.

  • Gender reveal parties

If you want to give yourself time to process the news before letting your loved ones know your baby’s gender, you have that right to your privacy. There’s no harm in waiting.

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