6 fun ways to predict your baby’s gender

Can’t wait for your 20-week scan to find out if you’re expecting team blue or team pink? Try these fun tests to predict your baby’s gender in the meantime. By Lisa Witepski

Hands up, who has threaded a ring through a strand of hair and swung it over their bump? Come on, admit it. As much as we know that there’s no verdict as reliable as a gynae’s scan when it comes to your baby’s gender, it’s still fun to try these (slightly left-of-centre) predictors. Let us know if they’re on target!

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Can’t wait to find out if you’re expecting a boy or girl? Try these fun ways to predict your baby’s gender:

1. The cabbage test

Just in case you haven’t had enough of peeing on sticks, the cabbage test suggests you urinate on a boiled cabbage. Does the vegetable turn pink? You’ve got it – you should be checking out girls’ names. Purple, and it’s a little guy on the way.

2. Decode your cravings

If you find yourself longing for salted caramel ice cream or red velvet cupcakes more than usual, you might be having a girl. Feta and pickles on the menu? Salty cravings are usually a sign the baby’s a boy, according to old wives’ tales.

3. The garlic test

One myth suggests that eating a clove of garlic can tell you the sex of your baby. Apparently, women carrying boys will smell like a pizzeria over the following days. If you’re lucky to escape the pong, it’s a girl on board.

4. The numbers game

The Mayans had a thing for numbers. They believed that if you added the mother’s age and the year of conception and reached an odd number, the baby would be a boy. An even number means it’s a girl.

5. The hairline test

If you’ve already have a little one, you might want to try the Native Americans’ hairline test for the gender of number two. If your child’s hairline comes to a point in a widow’s peak, you’ll end up with a pigeon pair. If the hairline goes straight across, you’re in for another baby of the same gender.

6. The key test

Apparently, if someone asks you to pick up a key and you hold it by the rounded end, you’ll soon be holding your son. Pick it up by the narrow end which goes into the lock, and you can get ready to welcome your daughter.

*Please note that these tests are not scientifically accurate and only for fun.


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