5 things that might give away your pregnancy before you want to tell

If you’ve decided to keep your pregnancy secret until after the first trimester, you’re probably trying your best to hide it from friends and family. These 5 things might give your secret away before you’re ready to tell.

5 things that might give your pregnancy away before you are ready to tell

1. Your sobriety

If you’re usually the life and soul of the party, people will notice when you suddenly decline that glass of wine or shot of tequila. Have your excuse planned in advance so that you’re not caught off guard when friends and family members bluntly ask if you’re pregnant.

2. Your fuller breasts

You’ll notice quite a big boost in the boob department right from the very start of your pregnancy. You’ll probably need to invest in a maternity bra before the end of the first trimester.

3. Touching your tummy all the time

Once you know there’s a baby in there, it’s pretty hard to resist the urge to lovingly stroke your belly.

4. Facebook

Facebook knows everything. Your statuses can easily give away that there’s a bun in the oven. After years of posting what amazing new wines you tried this weekend or what new blend you’re trying for ‘Wine Wednesday’, friends will become suspicious when you switch to movies you’ll be watching on the couch this weekend.

5. Your bathroom habits

Sure you used to go the loo quite often when you’ve had a glass of wine or two with your friends, but as soon as you pee on that stick, your bladder breaks and you’ll be spending the majority of your days in the little girl’s room. At this point your pregnancy will become glaringly obvious to friends and family.

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