5 products to get you through pregnancy, as recommended by moms

Posted on November 13th, 2018

Check out these products other moms have relied on to get them through nine months of sharing a body with their baby. By Lisa Witepski

5 products to get you through pregnancy

Whether you love being pregnant, or are counting down the days until your delivery, chances are you could do with a little comfort. We asked Living and Loving moms about the creams, lotions and therapies they used to get them through their pregnancies.

Stretch mark cream

“Palmer’s Body Oil not only helped prevent stretch marks; it also eased the dry skin I was suffering from.” – Rachel Prinsloo

Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Moisturizing Body Oil, R59.99, Clicks

This fast-absorbing body oil can be applied after your shower or added to your bath for extra skin-soothing. It’s the cocoa butter and vitamin E in this product that make it so effective, but you could also try the Palmer’s Tummy Butter if you’re looking for something even richer.

Palmers Body Oil

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E45 Cream

“My gynae told me to use E45 cream to stop my skin from itching.” – Samantha Cohen

E45 Cream, R199.99, Clicks

Itchy skin is caused by all that stretching your skin has to do, and those new hormones flooding your system don’t help either. E45 has been specially developed for extremely dry skin and it can be used on eczema and sunburned skin, too.

E45 Cream

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Pregnancy pillow

“I loved my pregnancy pillow (although I still used just about every other pillow in the house).” – Jeanne Geldenhuys

The Comfi-Curve Maternity Pillow, R788, faithful-to-nature.co.za

This pillow is set to become one of your favourite things. It has been specially designed to follow your body’s shape, providing wonderful support to ankles and thighs and helping to reduce pressure from your belly. Plus, you can use it after you’ve given birth as a support while breastfeeding.

 Pregnancy pillow

Maternity jeans

“Maternity jeans are the best. They’re so comfy.” – Nathalie Calvert

MAMA Super Skinny jeans, R429, H&M

Maternity wear has come a long way since since the ‘80s. Instead of dresses that aim to hide a pregnant belly, we can choose gear that celebrates it and makes us feel comfortable at the same time. Most moms gave H&M the thumbs up for a range of maternity wear that is stylish yet affordable.

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 Maternity jeans


“Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour cream was a lifesaver for my lips.” – Joanne Badenhorst

Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream, R299, Clicks

This iconic product can be used pretty much anywhere you need a bit of skin soothing and smoothing − from cheeks to lips and even burns.

Elizabeth Arden eight hour cream


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