5 embarrassing pregnancy symptoms and solutions

Pregnancy is not all about glowing skin and a perfectly shaped bump – it also comes with a less glamorous side that you may have never imagined. By Licia Selepe

Pregnancy can be a beautiful experience, with the reward of a new life. But the nine months can also hold some awkward moments for the mom-to-be. We look at five embarrassing pregnancy symptoms and how to solve them.

1. Incontinence

There is nothing more embarrassing that wetting your pants, especially in public. As you reach the end of the third trimester, you may pass urine when you sneeze, cough or laugh too hard. This can be caused by the weight of your growing baby putting pressure on your bladder.

Solution: Wear sanitary pads or thick panty liners for any leaking.

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2. Passing gas

Pregnancy comes with excess gas, and sometimes you might not be able to stop it coming out in front of people. Higher levels of progesterone and the limited space in your growing belly can make your bowels and digestion system to become erratic, causing gas and bloating.

Solution: Try eating smaller, more frequent meals, and avoid gas-inducing foods like cauliflower, beans, broccoli and lentils.

3. Acne

Not every woman experiences the pregnancy glow. Some moms-to-be may have more acne than in their puberty years, thanks to pregnancy hormones.

Solution: Wash your face with a gentle soap twice daily, and don’t go to sleep with your make up on.

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4. Leaking breasts

Yes, your breasts will leak milk during pregnancy. The milk stains on you blouse may be embarrassing, but this is a healthy sign that your body is getting ready for breastfeeding.

Solution: Wear breast pads to keep your shirts clean.

5. Severe and random nausea

Nausea is a common pregnancy issue and it can become embarrassing when you feel like throwing up in a middle of an important meeting or presentation.

Solution: Some women swear that drinking ginger or peppermint tea helps, while some medical experts recommend taking vitamin B6, which helps the body metabolise certain amino acids that can reduce nausea.

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