10 pregnancy essentials every expecting mom needs

Nine months is a long time so your body is bound to go through some changes that might be a bit unbearable when you’re pregnant. The good news is that we’ve put together a list of items that will make the journey much easier. By Lebogang Madileng

Pregnancy essentials

Believe it or not, being pregnant requires a lot of maintenance. (You’re carrying a child after all!) If you’re pregnant for the first time, you might feel clueless about what you’ll need throughout your pregnancy.

Top 10 pregnancy essentials you’ll need

Tissue oil

Gaining a few kilos during pregnancy is normal, but it does come with stretch marks. Tissue oil can help minimise these marks.

Bio-Oil is clinically proven to help improve the appearance of stretch marks, from R72.95 at Dis-Chem.

Pregnancy multivitamins

Your growing baby requires a lot of nutrients that are not always easy to get in a meal, so daily supplements are recommended. Important nutrients that your baby needs for development are folic acid, calcium, vitamin C and iron.

PregOmega Plus has all the nutrients you need in one pack, R259.95 at Dis-Chem.

PregOmega Plus

Comfortable shoes

Pregnancy comes with a lot of strange symptoms but who would’ve thought that your feet could be affected too?  Your feet will get bigger so make sure that you invest in comfortable shoes.

Green Cross are known for their comfortable shoes. We like these pumps, available in black, olive, red or tan for R899.

Green Cross pumps

Maternity clothing

It is important to ensure that you have loose-fitting clothes that will accommodate your growing belly.

Check out the maternity range at Mr Price here.

Mr Price Maternity

Pregnancy pillow

As your pregnancy progresses, you will find that sleeping becomes uncomfortable, especially if you are used to lying on your stomach. A pregnancy pillow can offer support for your whole body, for a good night’s rest.

We like the Comfi Curve maternity pillow, R699, available from takealot.com.

Comfi Curve maternity pillow

Pregnancy books

Pregnancy books should be every expecting mom’s best friend. They have important information regarding looking after your baby’s health and yours.

Subscribe to the digital edition of Living and Loving for only R278.40 for 12 issues! Click here to sign up.

Subscribe to Living and Loving

A well-fitting bra

Your breasts will go through significant changes throughout your pregnancy – you might even find that your breast size will go up a cup or two. Find a bra that is comfortable and offers good support.

Carriwell has a seamless maternity bra for R249.95.

Carriwell maternity bra

Comedy movies

Being pregnant comes with a lot of emotional changes that aren’t always pleasant. Put yourself in a good mood by watching comedies that will give you a laugh.

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Hot water bottle

As old fashioned as this item is, it can come in handy when alleviating back pain, a common pregnancy symptom.

Safeway hot water bottle is R99.90 from Clicks.

Safeway hot water bottle

A good toothbrush

Did you know that when you’re pregnant you’re at a higher risk of getting gingivitis? A toothbrush with soft bristles is ideal for pregnant women, as gum sensitivity increases during pregnancy.

The Aquafresh Clean and Flex toothbrush has end-rounded bristles to help protect teeth and gums. Its flexible neck bends to absorb excess pressure from brushing and so aids in the protection of your gums. Available from all major retailers from R24.95.

Aquafresh Clean and Flex


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