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Moms share their morning sickness remedies

If your pregnancy has you struggling to hold down just about everything, these tried-and-tested remedies could be the answer. By Xanet Scheepers


You’re ecstatic about your pregnancy and you love your growing bump, but everything is changing and now you can’t wear your favourite perfume and even the faintest hint of rump steak your mouth once watered for, turns your stomach and sends you charging for the bathroom.

What’s happening and how can you keep the lurching in check?

Nausea and vomiting is usually one of the first signs of pregnancy starting at around week six, and seems to ease after week 12 of pregnancy. According to the American Pregnancy Association, more than 50% of women experience morning sickness.

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Do this to ease the quease

We asked moms to share what worked for them to relieve their morning sickness. Here’s what they said…

“Dry crackers and plain salted chips helped with the nausea. Also eating small meals frequently. I never threw up, just suffered from nausea. I couldn’t stand the smell and taste of chicken.” – Kayleen Telemachus

“I went off meat entirely for most of my pregnancy. Ginger ale helped, and plain crackers. My Gynae prescribed tablets, which helped tremendously.” – Janine Celia Lutchmen

“As soon as I turned my shower tap on in the mornings I would get sick. A glass of Nesquick chocolate milk, and it all went away.” – Kayleen Wolmarans

“I was nauseous and vomited a few times each day right throughout my entire pregnancy. The only thing that helped a little for the nausea was ginger (biscuits, tea etc), something salty and apple juice.” – Danielle van Wyngaardt

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“I hated the smell of garlic, but smelling fresh lemon helped the nausea.” – Melandri Diedericks

“I had morning sickness for the first 14 weeks and couldn’t handle the smell of meat or eggs. Eating ginger biscuits in the morning with rooibos tea helped me.” – Nadia Nel

“Have four to five Marie biscuits as soon as you wake up. Don’t put your feet on the floor, brush your teeth or shower before you’ve had them. The biscuit absorbs the gastric juices in your tummy, which causes morning sickness.” – Rita Rampersadh

“I had hyperemesis gravidarum and was hospitalised for it with my first pregnancy. I couldn’t stand the smell of any meat. There wasn’t much that helped, but there were some things that made a small difference. I also found small meals often and a bit of lemon in water helped. I also tried to get something light and easily digestible like toast or Marie biscuits in my tummy as soon as I woke up and before getting up. Soda drinks like coke also helped a bit.” – Debra Carter

“I was sick from day one until the day I gave birth! Ice cold water and Coke Zero, original Pringles and toast helped. I couldn’t stomach any warm food and the smell of anything being cooked or warmed almost killed me.” – Marique Mc Enery

“I couldn’t open the fridge during my first pregnancy, I had never noticed the smell before, but it made me sick every time. Mint sweets and water with lemon helped.” – Paula Dos Santos Paterson

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