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Can you identify with these weird nesting behaviours?

Pregnancy makes us do some pretty strange things – as these mommies found out when their nesting instincts went into overdrive. By Lisa Witepski


Crazy things happen when the desire to create a gorgeous nursery turns into a nesting frenzy.

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We asked some moms to spill all

  • Three weeks before my due date, I completely rearranged our bedroom while the expectant dad was at work. I moved everything, including the bed and the chest of drawers. I pushed all the furniture along the floor because I was taking care not to strain myself. The dad was not happy when he got home, and I was so tired I couldn’t do anything for three days! – Yvonne
  • I’m in nesting mode at the moment, and it’s made me obsessed with washing carpets. I don’t care about anything else – for example, my dishes are piling up in the sink, but I continue to ignore that while I first do the carpets in one room, then rest for an hour, then go on to the next room. – Michelle
  • I decided to wallpaper the baby’s bedroom two weeks before the due date. – Sonya
  • I went mad with cleaning. I washed all the curtains in the house, washed the baby’s clothes three times, and scrubbed the bathroom with a toothbrush. – Lindy
  • I was so into cleaning that I vacuumed the ceiling and walls. – Merissa

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  • My nesting instinct didn’t stop at the house; I decided to redo the garden. I actually loaded up my husband’s bakkie to move around plants and rocks. – Sonette
  • I would spend hours – literally – folding and refolding the baby’s clothes. Once I had them all stacked in neat piles I would stare at them for a bit, cry a little because they were so small, then take pictures so that my friends and family could also marvel at how small they were. – Lisa
  • I think the nesting bug bit my husband even harder than it bit me. We’d been living in our house for about a year and had been fully aware of all its shortcomings during this time, including rising damp and walls that needed to be repainted, and we’d done nothing about them. Just before the baby was born, he hired contractors to give the entire house a facelift. – Samantha
  • I started cleaning the house as if I was having all four of my limbs amputated, instead of just having a baby, and this was my last chance to do anything productive and of value, ever. – Shane
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