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10 annoying things in the last two weeks of pregnancy

Sister Burgie Ireland considers the top 10 things that may be driving you crazy during the final stretch of your pregnancy, and considers some solutions.


You’re in the last two weeks of your pregnancy and everything and everyone, including your partner, is annoying you! Hang in there, this advice will see you through.

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10 annoying things and how to deal with them

1. Problem: You feel like public property

There’s something about a baby bump that makes strangers feel they can touch you, ask personal questions and give unsolicited advice. You are likely to feel that your body isn’t yours anymore, which will result in days when even your partner’s touch will seem unbearable.


When you’re in public, adopt the ‘don’t touch me’ stance and avoid smiling at, or engaging with, people if you’re not in the mood to chat. Allowing your partner to give you a massage will ease your pregnancy aches and pains and allow them to feel intimate with you.

2. Problem: People commenting on your bump

Everyone will have an opinion on the size of your bump – it’s either enormous or too small and people will say things like: “It looks like you’re going to pop!” or “You’re so tiny, your baby must be a squid.”


Remember that people are generally just trying to be friendly and make conversation. Put them at ease by laughing at the same joke you’ve heard for the fifth time that day, and the conversation is sure to move swiftly along.

3. Problem: Getting in and out of bed

You’ll probably be rolling in and out of bed by this stage and pressure on your bladder is sure to be making getting a good night’s sleep an impossibility.


Surround yourself with pillows – between your knees, under your shoulders and tucked into the small of your back. When getting up, sit up slowly and swing your legs over the bed so both feet are on the floor. Sit for a few minutes before standing to prevent feeling dizzy.

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4. Problem: You feel frumpy

You’ll see skinny women in pencil skirts and heels who make you feel like a sloth, and other pregnant women who just seem to have everything together.


Remember that while you may wish you were skinny and hadn’t gained so much weight during your pregnancy, other women will be looking at you and wanting nothing more than to be pregnant, or just wishing they were wearing your comfortable flat shoes.

5. Problem: You feel that you’ve let yourself go

Your breasts are resting on your belly, your belly button has popped out and you can’t bend down to shave your legs or paint your toenails.


Wear loose, comfortable clothing and treat yourself to a pamper session at a spa complete with a wax, manicure and pedicure. It will boost your spirits.

6. Problem: You’re bloated

Your partner may keep telling you that you look sexy, but you just feel fat. Your hands look podgy, your rings no longer fit and the only shoes that don’t pinch are slops.


Keep active to improve your circulation. Walk and swim whenever possible and take some time to do your makeup each day.

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7. Problem: You have nothing to wear

You’ve been wearing the same maternity and oversized clothing for the past seven or eight months and you’re bored with the way you look, but aren’t willing to invest in anything you’re going to wear for just a few more weeks.


Borrow or buy a few maxi dresses or oversized tops from cheap clothing stores. Accessorise with scarves, earrings and necklaces and experiment with unusual colour and pattern combinations.

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8. Problem: Grocery shopping

Your feet ache, you’re exhausted and you feel like you’re always in someone’s way.


Get your partner (or bestie) to do your shopping for you while you sip on some tea and read the latest Living and Loving at the nearest coffee shop.

9. Problem: Every position you find yourself in is uncomfortable

Deep couches may be comfortable, but they’re impossible to get up from without looking ungainly. Sitting at a desk means you need to stretch your arms out because your belly is on the way, resulting in back pain. Plus, the pressure on your lower back will have you constantly shifting in your seat.


Try to sit in upright chairs whenever you can and don’t be afraid to lie down when you get the opportunity. When watching TV, sit in an upright chair turned around. You can rest your head on the backrest and your tummy can rest on the seat.

10. Problem: Birth stories

It’s inevitable – someone is going to tell you a horrific birth story that happened to their cousin’s mother’s aunty and it will scare you.


Walk away from the conversation. Every birth experience is different and you should go into yours feeling happy, positive and confident.

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