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Make your own lemon marmalade

It’s very satisfying to make your own jams, chutneys and marmalades. Plus, they make great gifts. This yummy lemon marmalade is great with fresh scones for Sunday tea.


Try to find those thick-skinned, knobbly lemons that are large with a coarse texture. That they have a mild favour, as this works best. You may even have some of these lemons growing in your garden.


  • Lemons
  • Water
  • Sugar
  • Lidded glass jars
  • Large, non-reactive pan


  1. Cut the lemons into quarters and remove all the pips.
  2. Keep the pips to one side and slice up the lemons fairly finely. Try to save the juice.
  3. Tie the pips in a piece of muslin or other fine cloth – quick wipes work well.
  4. Put the sliced lemons, the juice and the bagged pips into the large pan, and add enough water to come just below the top of the lemons.
  5. Bring to the boil slowly and then simmer for about an hour, until a piece of peel can be easily pierced with a matchstick or you can easily crush it –once it’s cooled – between your fingers.
  6. Remove the pips from their bag and throw away.
  7. Measure the lemon pulp and for each cup of pulp, add a cup of sugar.
  8. Return to a low heat. Stir well and allow the sugar to dissolve. Increase the heat and, stirring occasionally; boil at a rolling boil for about 20 minutes.
  9. Test by placing a small amount of marmalade on a cool saucer. Once it cools slightly, run your finger though the marmalade and if the surface wrinkles, it’s ready.
  10. Leave the marmalade in the pot for about 15 minutes and then stir well to distribute the peel throughout the marmalade before bottling it in the glass jars.


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