Tad the Lost Explorer: The Secret of King Midas

Posted on February 9th, 2018

Looking for a fun family movie to watch with the kids this weekend? They’ll love Tad the Lost Explorer: The Secret of King Midas.

Tad The Lost Explorer

Tad Jones and Sara Lavrof are back two years after their first adventure, and this time Tad has to rescue his beloved Sara from a millionaire who wants the treasure she discovered for himself.

Tad The Lost Explorer

Sara invites Tad to an exposition in Las Vegas to view her latest discovery – the final clue of the existence of King Midas’ necklace. As he is about to leave, the Mummy of Paitit rocks up on his doorstep – he was exiled from Inca city – and insists on going with to Las Vegas with Tad and his dog Jeff.

Tad the Lost Explorer

At the revealing, Sara is kidnapped by a greedy millionaire who wants King Midas’ necklace for himself. The necklace holds great power and turns everything the wearer touches into gold.

Tad The Lost Explorer

Tiffany (Sara’s assistant), Mummy, Belzoni (Sara’s pet bird), Tad, and his dog Jeff travel around the world looking for the missing three parts of Midas’ necklace and trying to rescue Sara.

Tad The Lost Explorer

In order to get the necklace they have to follow clues that were all hidden in different places across Spain.

Check out the trailer below: