Moms share their best books for bedtime reading

These reads, ranging from classics to new release, are bound to keep your kids spellbound during story time. By Lisa Witepski


Wondering which books should become part of your library? We asked moms what they loved to read, and what their kids love to listen to.

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The Great Dog Bottom Swap, R155

By Peter Bentley (Andersen Press Ltd)

The Great Dog Bottom Swap was always going to be a favourite, because it features the word “bum” (and what kid doesn’t love that). But it’s not actually lavatorial at all; it’s very witty and the story moves along at a great pace. – Christine, mom of Josie (4)

The Great Dog Bottom Swap

The Mr Men series, R3 116 for the complete box set

By Rodger Hargreaves (Egmont UK Ltd)

The Mr Men series never gets tired. We love the characters because they’re quirky and cute, and the storylines are loads of fun. – Samantha, mom of Jonah (5)

MR Men

Green Eggs and Ham, R120

By Dr Seuss (HarperCollins Publishers)

I think I love Dr Seuss just as much as my kids! I can never get over how imaginative he is – his made-up words, the way he plays with rhyme and his illustrations, all add up to the best books ever. – Lisa, mom of Leya (4)

Green eggs and ham

Aliens Love Underpants, R129

By Clair Freedman (Simon & Schuster)

Aliens Love Underpants is such a laugh. The entire Underpants series is awesome – it’s adorable to imagine these little aliens running around, trying to find undies. – Steph, mother of James (3)

Aliens love underpants

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, R165 and James and the Giant Peach, R165

By Roald Dahl, Penguin Books

We’re getting into Roald Dahl in a big way. We started out listening with audio books, and now we’re reading. We also love The Magic Faraway Tree, R155 (Egmont UK Ltd) – it’s just so imaginative. – Shane, mother of Jack (5) and Stella (2)

Charlie and the chocolate factory

Fancy Nancy, R287

By Jane OConnor (HarperCollins Publishers)

 My daughter has just discovered Fancy Nancy and we’re both fans. I love the way it teaches vocabulary and concepts in a simple way that obviously still feels like an adventure for the kids. – Kerry, mother of Olivia (5)

Fancy Nancy

Class Three All at Sea, R155

By Julia Jarman (Hachette Childrens Group)

Class Three All at Sea is the most in-demand book right now. I think my daughter likes it because it’s a little bit cheeky, and she loves that it’s about pirates. – Tamlyn, mother of Isabella (3)

Class Three All at Sea

Rudie Nudie, R333

By Emma Quay (ABC Books)

Rudie Nudie is perfect for my daughter, because she hates wearing clothes. The book is lovely! She responded to the rhyming story, while I loved the sense of playful family time captured in the story. – Michelle, mother of Luke (3)

Rudie Nudie

The Great Snortle Hunt, R99

By Claire Freedman (Simon & Schuster)

It might be just a kids’ story, but it has a real sense of suspense, and the rhyming is brilliant. – Zoe, mother of Holly (4)

The great snortle hunt

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