How to make your own bird feeder for the garden

Posted on July 18th, 2016

This DIY bird feeder is easy for the kids to make and a great way to attract birds to the garden. By Noeleen Foster

DIY Bird Feeder

Make this yummy bird feeder, which will have all the feathered friends in your garden coming to visit.

You will need

What you need

  • Pine cones
  • String
  • ½ tub of peanut butter
  • Bird seed

How to make

  • Securely tie string to the top of the pine cone.

Step 1

  • Spread generous amounts of peanut butter all over the pine cone (a teaspoon works well for this).

Step 2

  • Decant the bird seed into a bowl.

Step 3

  • Roll the pine cone in the seed mix – until it’s completely covered.

Step 4

  • Hang the feeder in your garden where your birds can feed from it.

Text, photography and styling: Noeleen Foster
Model: Deshika Naidoo



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