Egg crafts for kids

Have some fun with the kids this Easter holidays and help them make these easy egg crafts. By Noeleen Foster

Quick stitch Easter eggs

Low budget and o’ sew easy, you can hand stitch these cute Easter eggs together yourself or use your sewing machine.

  • Simply cut out an egg shape out of brown paper and stitch your egg.
  • Leave about a 3cm gap before you close up the egg.
  • While it’s still on the machine, fill it with smarties or speckled eggs (the kids will love cracking the egg open to reveal the goodies inside).
    Then just stitch the egg closed and get the kids to decorate or make a few decorative strips with washi (or coloured) tape.

Easter egg pouches

Easter jars

These simple, yet attractive jars are a great idea for when you’re looking to do something special for the kids this Easter. Each child gets to walk away with their own little Easter jar.

To assemble the jars:
Place a few large eggs on the bottom of your jar and fill in the gaps with the smaller eggs.
Top with a home-made chocolate bunny or store bought. The mini 50g Lindt Gold Bunny will work perfectly for this.
Decorate the jar with lace and ribbon, and a name tag could also be attached.

Easter egg jars

Egg painting

For the silhouette eggs, we dipped dyed them in food colouring first.
In a glass add a few drops of food colouring to some water and let the egg stand in the water for a few minutes. The longer the egg stays in the food colouring, the more intense the colours will be.

Silhouette eggs

How to blow an egg

With a large needle (if you have embroidery needle this works well), make two holes in your egg, one at the top and one at the bottom.
If your hole is too small you will struggle to blow out the egg. A 3ml-hole should be a good size. Blow on the one hole and your egg should exit out the other. Make sure to have a big enough bowl to catch your egg splatter. (If you want fill the egg again with soapy water and shake and rinse your egg) or you can just let your egg dry. We recommend you give your egg a clean; you don’t want to attract ants or other little creatures.


This is where all the fun begins. You can just about do anything you want… get the kids to help and become inspired. We loved the idea of a set of babushka eggs – we even named them!

Babushka eggs

Clever tips

  • We painted our eggs with ordinary poster paints and used spray glaze to give them a little bit of gloss.
  • Or you can use modge-podge for some gloss on your eggs.
  • White eggs paint better than the tan coloured eggs.
  • Small fine tipped paint brushes work well.

Patterned eggs

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