Daddy’s Home 2 – in cinemas from today!

Daddy’s Home 2 will get the whole family in the festive spirit.


If you loved Daddys Home, you’ll enjoy this equally as funny sequel.

Brad and Dusty are finally getting along and their “co-dad” relationship is working well for everyone… until their fathers pitch up to spend the holidays with them.

After finding out that the kids hate their dysfunctional Christmas that sees them having to spend time between two families during the holidays, Brad and Dusty decide to give the kids a “together Christmas” they’ll never forget.

As we all know, plans don’t always turn out the way you want them to. Six days before Christmas, Dusty’s old-school, macho dad (played by Mel Gibson) and Brad’s gentle father (played by John Lithgow) arrive to turn the holiday upside down.

Dusty’s dad decides that they need a destination Christmas for the perfect family holiday and books a luxury cabin for their ‘together Christmas’.

Adventure and chaos is not far behind and the ‘together Christmas’ is not what the families expected it to be.

Watch the trailer below:


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