Cute Easter egg basket and printables

Your tot will love collecting his Easter eggs with this cute basket. We show you how to make it. By Noeleen Foster


This charming Easter egg basket is so easy to make. You can download your bunny and  flower templates to decorate the basket with here. If you don’t have access to a printer at home, draw flowers and bunnies or Easter eggs for your little one on white paper and let her colour it in and then cut it out to decorate her basket with.

You will need

  • Empty tea box – or similar type box
  • Pretty scrapbooking paper or wrapping paper
  • Printable template with cut-outs
  • Green cardboard
  • Ribbon
  • Glue
  • Scissors

Easter egg basket what you will need

How to make the Easter egg basket

  • Cover the tea box with the paper.
  • Punch two holes – one on either side.
  • Using our templates, cut out the egg shape, bunny, flowers and butterfly, etc. Do this to both sides.
  • Secure your picture/egg to the box.
  • Thread your ribbon and knot the insides so that it won’t slip through.
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