Heart-inspired crafts for kids

Children are always proud of their own creations. Let them express their love through making these crafts.


There are so many great crafts you can make with the littlies to celebrate the month of love and getting creative with your kids is such a wonderful way to bond. While making your Valentine’s crafts, encourage your child to think about who she wants to give it to and why.

Hand printed canvas

How to make it:

  • Using any non-toxic paint, paint your child’s hands and arm in brown and help them place it in the centre of a canvas to form a tree stump and branches.
  • Using red or pink paint, paint the tips of your child’s thumb and create heart-shaped leaves on the branches by placing two thumb prints at slightly opposing angles.
  • Sign your tot’s name and the date on it and give it to granny as a special keepsake.

Matchbox gifts

How to make it:

  • You’ll need several empty match boxes and a selection of pretty wrapping paper for this craft.
  • Cut the paper to the size of a matchbox and glue it around the box to cover.
  • Use ribbons, buttons and little embellishments to decorate the boxes, then fill them with sweets to give to special friends.
  • Add a personal message and give on to a teacher.

Heart wreath

How to make it:

  • Using sheets of double-sided scrapbooking paper cut into strips of about 3cm wide and 25cm long, fold in half to form the bottom point of a heart.
  • Fold in the two sides to create your heart shape and glue the ends together.
  • Glue the outside edge of each heart at the widest part placing the hearts together to form a circle. Use paper clips to keep the wreath together while the glue dries.
  • To finish, loop ribbon through one of the hearts so you hang the wreath up.

Cupcake rosettes

How to make them:

  • Use a variety of different size and colour paper cupcake holders for this fun craft.
  • Pinching the centre of the cupcake holder in your fingers ‘scrunch’ the centre of each one. This creates the ruffled look of the cupcake holders. The more you scrunch the more ruffled the edges will look.
  • Layer the smaller scrunched cupcake holders on top of the larger ones and glue them in the center to keep them together.
  • Cut little heart shapes out of cardboard and decorate with glitter glue (or just glitter). Glue these to the front of your rosette.
  • Cut ribbon to size and glue to the back.
  • Glue a little safety pin at the back – so you can pin it on to your child’s clothing.

Tip: These rosettes are also fabulous glued or pinned onto cards that your child can write in and hand out to special friends. If pinned, they can be taken off the card and worn.

Buttons of love cushion

Download the template and instructions for the buttons of love cushion here.


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