Crafty fun for little hands this Mother’s Day


By Noeleen Foster

I have a scrap wool basket, as I’m sure many other moms do, and I’m always on the hunt for fun crafty ideas for this leftover yarn.

Woolly Mother’s Day Cards

I started by cutting out a heart shape from thick cardboard. Using a one-hole paper punch, I punched around the edges of the heart, creating evenly spaced holes for practicing the ‘in and out’ action of threading. Blunt embroidery needles are perfect for this. If your toddler struggles with a needle, she can simply push the wool through with her fingers. You need not follow any particular pattern. When finished, just glue the heart onto your card.

An easier option: simply cut out a heart shape from thick cardboard and get your toddler to ‘wrap’ the heart in wool, making sure she covers the entire shape.

To create a letter in wool: with a little help from mom, your little one can glue down wool in strips across a small square card, covering the entire surface. Then flip the card over and draw the letter of your choice. We chose an ‘M’ for mommy. Now cut out the letter, which will be completely covered in wool. This makes a sweet, personalised embellishment for your card.

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