Books we love this month

This month we’re reading a beautiful story of a mother caring for a child with a fatal degenerative disorder and a page-turner about a missing 10-year-old girl who re-appears 10 years later on the anniversary of her disappearance.


The Still Point of the Turning World
By Emily Rapp
Published by Two Roads, R212 (softcover)

The Still Point of the Turning World is the story of a mother’s journey through grief and beyond it. It’s a beautiful and thought-provoking book about a mother trying to be the best parent she could possibly be to her son.

Emily Rapp had ambitious plans for her son while she was pregnant with him. He would be smart, loyal and physically fearless. He would be good at crossword puzzles like his father. He would be an avid skier like his mother. She would speak to him in foreign languages and give him the best education.

But all of these plans changed when Ronan was diagnosed with Tay-Sachs disease – a rare and always-fatal degenerative disorder – at only nine months old. Ronan wasn’t expected to live beyond the age of three and he would be stalled at a developmental level of six months.

Emily had to re-evaluate everything she thought she knew about being a parent and what it means to live with a loved one in the moment.

Sadly, Ronan passed away peacefully on 15 February this year.

The Second Life of Amy Archer
By RS Pateman
Published by Orion Publishing Co, R217 (softcover)

On 31 December 1999, 10-year-old Amy Archer went missing from her local playground. Her body was never found and the lives of her parents, Beth and Brian, were torn apart and they eventually separated. On the tenth anniversary of Amy’s disappearance, Beth is alone and still struggling with the enormity of her grief. Beth’s world is turned upside down when a stranger knocks on her door, claiming to know what happened to Amy.

Beth is introduced to a little girl who is the uncanny double of her missing daughter and knows things only Amy would remember – but this can’t be Amy. This girl hasn’t aged a day.
If she wants to find out the truth about what happened to Amy, Beth will have to push her faith and sanity to the limits.

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