3 Great books for Dad

Spoil your partner with one of these great reads this Father’s Day.

Woodworking for Everyone
By Peter Alkema, Random House Struik (R250)

This creative book contains 13 projects that will turn your weekends into fun-filled family time. You’ll learn the basics of woodworking to enable you to make something useful that you can be proud of. Each chapter is packed with photographs, illustrations, and the materials and tools needed for each job. The instructions are clear and easy to follow, with tips to help you save time. Dad will love this book if he likes making things!

Le Creuset Grill & Plancha Recipe Book
Borgerhoff & Lamberigts, R198

Available at Le Creuset Boutique stores nationwide
Cooking on a plancha griddle is becoming increasingly popular. This no-fuss cookware makes meal preparation enjoyable, as everyone can gather around the table and be part of the process. If your partner is a fan of the Braai, he’ll love this great gift just as much – he can still prepare his own meat – the perfect gift for Father’s Day!
Le Creuset’s new Grill & Plancha recipe book is dedicated to grills, griddles and skillets, and contains 29 great, original recipes.

Le Creuset Grill & Plancha

Help! I’m a Dad
By Nick Harper, Michael O’Mara Books Limited, R240

If you’re a first-time-dad, this book is a must-have. Help! I’m a Dad covers everything you need to know from what to buy to how to use it.
This essential guide also includes clearly labelled, easy to navigate sections with practical lists and step-by-step instructions, making it useful for quick reference as well as sobering facts, such as: you will get through nearly 3 000 nappies in the first year.


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