Behind the scenes with September cover mom Tarryn Pather

Are twins twice as nice, or “two” much to handle? Tarryn Pather, mom to four-month-old twins Mila and Azura and our September cover star, shares her experiences as a new mom.


Did you know that 40% of twins develop their own language? With all the myths and lore that surround them, it’s not surprising that people are fascinated by babies who travel in twos.

Tarryn admits that, before becoming a twin mom, she shared this fascination. In fact, she longed to have twins – so much so that her doctor’s announcement that she was having twins was a welcome surprise. “I wouldn’t say that I had a feeling I was carrying twins, but perhaps I wanted it so much that my wish came true,” she says.

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Read the full interview with Tarryn in our September issue, on shelves now or download your digital copy of the September issue here.

Take a sneak peek behind the scenes at Tarryn’s cover shoot below:

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