Behind the scenes with our May cover mom Anita Segaole

Take a sneak peek behind the scenes at our May cover shoot with this gorgeous mom and her little boy.


In our May issue, on shelves now, our May cover mom, Anita Segaole, gets frank about first-time motherhood, blended families and the worst parenting advice she ever received.

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Here are some behind the scenes footage of her cover shoot with baby Thato:

Anita’s top tips for new moms:

  • Being a new mom can be overwhelming. I’ve found that I’m constantly asking questions and researching facts about babies. It helps to take things slowly and deal with each situation as it arises. Also, pacifiers are a lifesaver. Every mom should have about three at hand!
  • The key to maintaining a happy blended family is making sure that everyone feels part of the family, whether they live with you or not. It’s also important to really get to know your partner’s kids. Make that a priority so they can see you are interested in becoming a part of their family. Care for them as you would for your own children.
  • Motherhood is full of unexpected moments and emotions. For me, the biggest surprise was that breastfeeding really isn’t as easy as it looks. In fact, the most difficult part of my first few days with Thato was getting him to latch for his first feed.

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