Behind the scenes with our December cover mom Carmel Fisher

Take a sneak peek behind the scenes at this gorgeous mom and baby’s cover shoot.


In true glamour-girl style, High Rollers actress Carmel Fisher conceived in South Africa, discovered she was pregnant in Zanzibar, and gave birth in Miami.

Here are some behind the scenes footage from her December cover shoot with baby Gianna:

Top parenting tips from Carmel Fisher

What’s your favourite part of motherhood?
Waking up to Gianna’s beautiful, pure smile every day, breastfeeding and watching her grow and develop.

What advice would you give other moms?
Surrender to what is and cherish every moment with your little miracle. Sleep when your baby sleeps, breastfeed if you can, pray often and accept help from family and friends. Remember to include your partner in childcare activities to ensure you experience child-rearing together and limit his feelings of exclusion.

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Tried-and-tested way to stop your baby from crying?
First check to see why your baby is crying by following a process of elimination. If she’s not hungry, wet, tired, cold or too hot, then hold her close in an upright position and gently rock her. If she doesn’t let out a bothersome burp, then being close to you will soothe and comfort her in no time.

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Favourite family outings?
Walter Sisulu National Botanical Gardens and Mo-Zam-Bik restaurant in Linksfield, Johannesburg.

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