Make a mini terrarium

If you’ve got a couple of old Coke bottles lying around, put them to good use and help the kids create terrariums.


Help your kids create these beautiful mini terrariums. They’ll have loads of fun, while learning at the same time, with the mini ecosystem they’re creating.

What you’ll need:

  • An empty 2-litre coke bottle with cap
  • Potting soil
  • A handful of small stones or pebbles
  • A marker
  • Scissors
  • Seedling of your choice
  • Moss

Step 1

Remove the label from the coke bottle and draw a line around the midsection of the bottle.

Punch a small hole in the bottle on the line to make it easier to slide the scissors in and then cut along the line. Please supervise your little ones!

Step 2

Set the top half of the bottle aside and place a 4-5cm layer of stones or pebbles in the bottom half of the bottle.

Why pebbles? They allow excess water to drop to the bottom of the bottle to prevent everything from getting muddy and waterlogged. When it gets nice and hot inside the bottle, the water will evaporate, just as it does with the sun but having nowhere to go it collects at the top of the bottle and forms water drops, just like rain!

Step 3

Place a decent layer of moss over the pebbles. It acts as a filter that stops the soil from draining out through the pebbles, and allows the water to move through it freely.

Step 4

Add some potting soil, not too much, and place the plant in the bottle, adding more soil around it until the added potting soil is level with the original soil around the plant.

Step 5

Decorate your coke bottle terrarium. Add pebbles, stones, shells and any other decorations the kids can find to make their terrarium unique.

Step 6

Water the terrarium. Not too much, just enough to wet the soil throughout.

Step 7

Make four cuts on the wide section of the top part of the bottle on opposite quarters. Hook these slits over the bottom part of the terrarium when sliding the lid on to keep it in place.

Taking Care of a Coke Bottle Terrarium


A terrarium gets very hot inside because it’s a closed environment. Don’t leave it in direct sunlight for the whole day. It needs sun, yes, but in moderation.

If water drops are forming in the top part and dripping down, there is enough water. If not, or very few drops are forming, you need to water your terrarium. If the terrarium looks a little like a tropical rain forest, it’s very possible that they’ve overwatered it so you would need to remove the lid for a day or two to help it dry out a little.


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