How to make gardening fun for kids

The more fun your children have in the garden, the more involved they’ll become. Here are some fun gardening activities to keep them interested…


It will take at least three months before you can harvest from your garden. While you wait, there are many fun activities you and your children can do together.

Emily Jones, project manager of Reel Life NPO, and Jane Griffiths, organic vegetable gardening expert and author of Jane’s Delicious Kitchen, suggest these fun activities:

  • Even the chores of weeding can become a game if you turn it into a competition to see who can make the biggest pile of weeds.
  • Instead of planting only vegetables, include some edible flowers like echinacea, pansies, Californian poppies, cornflowers and calendula. These attract beneficial insects like butterflies and bees. Explore your garden with your children and encourage them to find and watch ladybirds, bees (don’t get too close to them as they might sting you) and all the other insects.
  • Make a bean tepee. Firmly anchor three poles in the ground and gather their tops together to form a tripod. Wind some twine around and tie it firmly in place. Plant climbing beans around the poles, leaving one side open. The beans will quickly climb up the structure. Within a few months, your kids will have an edible green teepee to play in.
  • Let your children help you make simple recipes that include some of the vegetables you’re growing.
  • Help them make a garden journal that includes one thing that happens in the garden every day. A new leaf they found, a bug they haven’t seen before, etc. If they can’t write yet – let them draw pictures!
  • Let them draw a picture story of their garden friends (snails, ladybugs, caterpillars, worms, weeds, flowers, trees and bees).

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