5 Party games for 1 to 2 year olds

Little ones love playing games at birthday parties. Here are a few inventive ways to keep them busy and entertained.

Make your child’s party extra special by planning a few amusing activities. Here’s five our favourite games for little ones.

Bubble pop
Blow bubbles and see if the little ones can pop them before they ‘explode’ on the floor. Get all the parents involved in this activity.

On parade
One year olds love parades. Make your own birthday party parade by giving the children musical instruments – drums, shakers, horns and flutes. Line them up in a straight row and let them follow you around the house or in the garden while playing their instruments. They can also follow you around with balloons or streamers.

Ball pond
Make your own ball pond by filling a blow-up-swimming pool with plastic balls you can buy at a toy store. Help the little ones to climb in, and let the fun begin.

Freeze dance
Two year olds love to dance. Play music and let them dance to their hearts content. The children should stop moving when you say ‘freeze!’ When you say ‘unfreeze’, turn up the music and let them dance again.

Pass beanbags to music
Make or buy little beanbags in bright colours. Let the children sit in a circle and pass the beanbags to one another while the music is playing.


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