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6 extra mural activities your child will benefit from

Extra murals are all about keeping your little one’s mind and body engaged beyond the classroom. She will also discover her interests and talents and learn to get fit the fun way. By Thobeka Phanyeko


Engaging in physical activities is a great way to build muscle strength, and playing team sports will teach your little one the importance of teamwork and cooperation. This is also an opportunity for your toddler to learn, mingle and play.

With a range of activities on offer, you might be wondering which to choose, so we’ve compiled a list for you so you can skip the guesswork.

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This team sport can be enjoyed by children of all ages and will develop your little one’s motor skills as well as her co-ordination and balance. It involves running, kicking and tackling which requires concentration and teamwork, so the activity is beneficial for mind and body. Encouraging your tot to stay active means she’s also less likely to be overweight.


It’s never too early to practice mindfulness and your little one will learn to be present and maintain focus, which will help improve her concentration span. She will also learn to be comfortable in silence and appreciate the importance of me-time. Improved balance and co-ordination are another benefits of yoga.


This Latin-inspired exercise fitness programme is a fun way to get your little one’s heart pumping. The high-energy routines feel more like dancing than cardio and the benefits include improved fitness levels, rhythm and confidence. Your tot will love it!

Kwanda Kinetics

Designed to stimulate and develop your little one’s gross and fine-motor skills, the programme is offered as fun and playful group classes and aims to improve the wellbeing of your developing tot according to her age and skill; Kwanda Kids is specifically designed for preschoolers and primary school children while Kwanda Babies is for infants. Kwanda Care is for kids with special needs and Kwanda Sport is designed to optimise sport performance.

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This low-impact form of exercise is not only soothing, but it offers great physical and psychological rewards too. The benefits include improved balance, co-ordination, and fitness and muscle tone. It also improves spatial awareness and builds lung capacity. Your little one will benefit greatly from making a splash.

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This dance form is not only graceful, but has great rewards too. Your little one will look pretty in pink and her posture will improve while she gets a confidence as she learns more about her body and the wonderful things it can do. The benefits also include improved muscular strength, concentration and body awareness. This is also an effective form of relaxation as it entails practising deep breathing.

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