5 great educational books for kids

Keep your little one occupied with these fun and educational reads this Wolrd Book Day.


World Book Day is celebrated on 21 March this year in most countries. It’s a celebration of authors, illustrators, books – and most importantly reading.

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The main aim of World Book Day is to encourage children to explore the pleasures of books and reading by providing them with the opportunity to have a book of their own.

Get your little one excited about learning with these fun educational books:

Charlie Chick Colours, R95

By Ant Parker and Nick Denchfield (Pan MacMillan)

Your tot will have a fun time guessing what Charlie Chick’s favourite colour is with this lovely little book. Hmm… is it blue, green, red or yellow? You’ll have to read along with your little one to find out. The hard, glossy pages are great for sticky little fingers since they can be wiped clean.

This is the perfect first book to help your child learn his colours. Open the flaps, which add a fun and tactile learning experience, to find out what will hatch from the egg Charlie has found.

Charlie Chick Colours

First Writing, R115

By Becky Down (Pan MacMillan)

This wipe-clean activity book is the perfect introduction to the alphabet and writing letters for little ones who are getting ready for school. The colourful dots serve as a guide for each line pattern, so your child can join the dots to draw the letter. The completed written sentence, along with the colourful pictures, will help give the words context and there are plenty of opportunities for practice with the wipe-clean pen provided that features a small sponge on the back to erase any errors and try again.

First Writing

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First Numbers, R115

By Becky Down (Pan MacMillan)

This is a fantastic introduction to the world of numbers! Give your child a head start with the carefully crafted activities that support number-writing practice and recognition. Your little one will learn to count, trace, and write numbers from one to 20. With lots of practice, she will improve her counting skills in no time and you will be equipped with the necessary information to help make your child’s journey with numbers fun and interactive. Your tot is also sure to appreciate the lovely, colourful images.

First Numbers

My First Picture Dictionary, R195

By Parragon (Penguin Random House)

What better way to learn words and their meanings than with a colourful picture dictionary? With over 900 words and meanings, definitions and lovely colourful images, your little one will be delighted to embark on an exciting educational journey and you’re sure to have this book in rotation for years to come. Help your tot spot her favourite Disney characters while making sense of the world around her. Can you spell A-M-A-Z-I-N-G?

My first picture dictionary

Ink, R180

By Ingrid Mennen and Irene Berg (Tafelberg)

Tinker is a little girl who is fascinated to discover a world of words, language and writing. Her growing awareness is explored in this picture book as she learns that letters make words, and words make stories. During the course of this learning journey, Tinker comes up with names for all her family members and her paper doll, that she calls Ink. She introduces Ink to all her favourite books because, “a book is like a friend, with the best stories to tell.”


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