5 fun ways to keep kids learning when on holiday

The holidays are perfect for little ones to discover that learning can happen anywhere, even when having fun. Here are five ideas for the summer. By Licia Selepe


The holidays are upon us, but it doesn’t mean that children have to take a break from learning. These activities are not only enjoyable but offer educational opportunities too.

Explore museums

Take your kids to a museum where they can spend hours learning more about art, history and culture. Most museums provide child-friendly, fun experiences, but you can take part too. Plan activities such as a scavenger hunt or picking a theme or a common object and count how many times it appears.

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Observe nature at work

In your garden, planting seeds, watching flowers grow and making compost helps children to understand the growth process, weather patterns and the environment. They will also learn where fresh food comes from – not only from a shopping trolley. If you don’t have a garden, then take some time to visit botanical gardens, where your child can discover different types of plants, trees and shrubs.

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Experience the aquatic life  

Head to the aquarium and see if the kids can find Nemo and Dory while learning about the ocean. Aquariums offer hands-on opportunities and close-up looks at a wide variety of sea creatures from sharks to seahorses. Some aquariums will have educational programmes specifically designed for little ones.

Interact with animals

A visit to a zoo or animal farm allows children to come face to face with the creatures that they see in picture books. Apart from learning about each animal’s colour, size and shape, kids can also learn about animal behaviour.

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Gaze at the stars and planets

A trip to a planetarium can be a wonderful place to introduce your little one to science. A hands-on exhibit or an enthusiastic speaker will make kids even more excited to learn new scientific concepts from an early age. Take this knowledge home, by stargazing on a clear night.



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