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4 quick and easy garden racetracks you can build for your toddler

Out of ideas on how to keep your tot busy on weekends? He’ll have hours of fun with these DIY garden racetracks.


Image Credit: Lowe's Home Improvement

End your little one’s lockdown blues with these fun garden racetracks. You’ll be able to get some gardening done while your toddler has a blast.

You don’t even need a huge garden with rolling lawns to make this fun. No matter how small your space, we have a nifty trick to help you build the racecourse of your toddler’s dreams.

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How to build a racetrack in a concrete area or tiny outdoor space

Cut a pool noodle or PVC pipe in half for an instant no-fuss dual racetrack. Decorate with it chequered race tape and flags. Voila! Let the fun begin.

Pool noodle racetrack

Image Credit: Andrea’s Notebook

Now this your toddler will love – watching his car fly down the ramp! All you need is flexible birch plywood (you should get this from Timbercity), a couple of stands and a plastic loop-the-loop.

Wooden garden racetrack

Image Credit: Mostly Small Things

If you want to build a more permanent fixture, cinder blocks and paving edgers make excellent adaptable roadways that can be as basic or complex as you like. For minimal upkeep, fill the inner space with playground mulch or bark chippings. Use sand in these spaces to form mini sandpits, giving added sensory appeal and fuelling your child’s imagination further.

Brick garden racetrack

Image Credit: An idea on Tuesday

This cement garden racetrack is perfect for die-hard mini speed junkies and thrill seekers (and the parent who won’t mind having this in their garden permanently).

Cement garden racetrack

Image Credit: Shelveit

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