24 boredom busters for kids

Posted on April 25th, 2016

To stop the chorus of “Mom, I’m bored” – cut out these boredom busters and pop them into a jar. When they’re bored, let them choose an acitivity.

Boredom busters for kids

For those days when you hear “Mom I’m bored!!” we have a solution for you – simply print out these two pages of boredome busters and get your child to cut out all the idea flags and pop them into a jar.  We have also provided you with blank flags to think up your own favourite boredom busters. Then you can decorate the jar with the cute label we have provided on page 2 – so next time you hear those dreaded words “Mom – I’m bored!” let them choose a fun thing to do out the Boredom Busters Jar. Yay!

Download your boredom busters labels here.

Boredom busters for kids