TV personality Enhle Mbali Maphumulo on pregnancy and motherhood

Enhle Mbali Maphumulo is a doting mom, TV personality, style icon, brand ambassador, and wife to DJ Black Coffee. She chats to Thobeka Phanyeko about pregnancy and motherhood.

She is best known for her on-screen roles, but behind the scenes she’s a dedicated mom to two boys. She recently launched her second maternity range, SE Preggoz, an idea that was born two years ago when she struggled to find maternity clothing that was both comfortable and fashionable. Her range offers pregnant women the freedom to move seamlessly through different roles – just as she does.


Here are 11 interesting things about Enhle Mbali Maphumulo:

  • I’m a mom to two boys, Anesu (6) and Asante (2) and the adjustment from one child to two wasn’t easy. It wasn’t an easy change, but things fell into place – my maternal instincts kicked in as soon as I heard my babies’ first cries.
  • My parenting style is modern, yet stern. I don’t want my children to be fearful, but to respect everyone. I also want to build an honest relationship with them, so I can know what they’re thinking and see the world through their eyes. I also want them to have fun.
  • Being a mom to two boys is… such a great journey
  • When my boys leave the nest I would like them to carry the values I have instilled in them out into the world. I hope they can learn to live life as fearlessly as possible, work hard, enjoy life, and let love rule everything they do.
  • It was very important for me to take care of myself throughout both my pregnancies. I believe I was able to carry both my pregnancies well because I was driven towards my end goal and my career. I was also never dictated to by societal norms of what a woman should be. I’ve always been my own person.
  • My maternity range is quite avant-garde. I draw inspiration from everything and everyone, I let my eyes do the searching, my gut does the design work, and my taste is my guide. My wish is for pregnant women to feel feminine, and as sensual as they felt making the baby. The reception has been amazing – I’m so grateful.
  • My pregnancy journey taught me a lot about myself. As much as I would’ve liked a cheat sheet, I love that it was full of surprises.
  • I believe in taking time-out occasionally. “Me-time” in Enhle’s world means silence, Apple TV, food and my bed. Need I say more?
  • What keeps me grounded is… truth.
  • What I know for sure… is that God has such a great plan for me that my imagination can’t even fathom it.
  • My family is my universe. I would do close to anything for them.
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