Things I said I’d never do as a mom before having a baby

Mommy blogger Nikita Camacho on what motherhood has taught her and how she sees things differently after having a baby.

Things I said I would never do as a mom

Motherhood, the one thing that will make you eat your own words and a few other things too. My pre-baby self would often make sweeping statements of how I’d never do this or that. While rambling on, my mom would arch her eyebrows with a smug look on her face. I read everything I could, so I thought I had motherhood under control.

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Well, the post-baby me had the last laugh at the pre-baby me. The more I think about it, the less I recognise my previous self as I adjust to being a mom.

Keep my social life

Woo hoo its Friday

I was naïve to utter the words, “Our baby will just adapt to our social life”. It doesn’t matter what day of the week it is, I’m exhausted.

Stick to my diet


I thought it would be simple to eat the same way as I did pre-baby. How hard can breakfast time be? Well, I’ve traded my health smoothie in for soggy teething biscuits, half-eaten fruit and yoghurt.

Why smell my baby’s bum?

Moment you realize wasn't a fart

Pre-baby I always thought it was odd that moms picked up their babies and smelt their bums. Seriously, don’t you know if your baby has pooped? Then the universe gave me my own baby. It’s become second nature to smell my baby’s bottom.

So mommies-to-be, do yourselves a favour. Write a list about what you won’t do as a mom. Look at the list, laugh, then roll it up and toss it in the bin because it’s unrealistic and you’ll be just fine without it.

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