How to purify your water and make it go further

While Cape Town has received some rainfall this week, it’s still not enough to get the taps running on full again. Purify your drinking water with these handy tips.

As Cape Town residents fight to save every drop of water, sales of sterilising product Milton have risen by 570% at two major retailers in the province since the start of the year.

“The crisis has led to shops requesting unprecedented volumes of Milton Sterilising Fluid and Milton Sterilising Tablets,” says Milton brand manager Nicola Hickman. “We’ve had enquiries from the public around water safety and how to use the products since early January after increased media attention around Day Zero, when the taps are projected to run dry.”

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The City of Cape Town’s Level 6b water restrictions require each person to use less than 50 litres of water per person per day.  This means reusing grey water from baths, sinks and washing or dishwasher machines for other non-consumption related purposes around the household.

How to use Milton products to purify water

Milton Tablets and Milton Sterilising Fluid are made from sodium hypochlorite and sodium chloride and have multiple uses including:

  • Water purification for drinking
  • Grey water sterilisation for household use
  • Minimising toilet bowl odours
  • Washing of vegetables and fruit to prevent the spread of bacteria.

“Just four litres of water which have been dosed with two Milton Tablets or two capfuls of Milton fluid can be used to sterilise kitchen utensils, disinfect surfaces, wash floors and clean the mop,” Nicola says.

Good hygiene prevents the spread of diseases, particularly at a time like this when there are many people suffering from gastroenteritis.


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