Party planning tips for multiples

Planning a party for your twins, triplets or quadruplets? Follow these tips to make it a stress-free occasion. By Martine Hendricks


It’s been challenging and busy and exciting, but most of all it’s been rewarding watching your babies go from little newborns to little humans who will soon be running around. With that said, this also means that they will be celebrating their first birthdays soon and if you’re planning a party for two or more, there are some things you need to consider to make the day less stressful.

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Choosing the venue

Let’s face it, having people at your house, with all your friends and their kids, plus the stress of catering and décor can be too much to handle. Rather consider a venue – less mess and less stress.

Consider the season (what you think the weather will be like around that period) before shortlisting possible venues.

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Here are some great outdoor and indoor options to consider:

Outdoor delight

Indoor fun

Party snacks

  • If the weather is warm, keep it light, yummy and fun all the way! Don’t fret if your babies are having an autumn or even wintery party – stick to comfort foods in this case.

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  • Cool down with fresh fruit lollies or fruit smoothies.

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  • Mini hotdogs and popcorn are always a winner.
  • Chicken nuggets with different dips or chicken kebabs will go down a treat.
  • French fries or potato and sweet potato wedges are also great for cooler days.

The party for your kids should first and foremost be about celebrating them. Everything else is just part of the celebration. Dress them comfortably and make sure that the party eats and treats consist of things they love. Allow them to have a ball of a time by being free in the space you choose, because by now you would have noticed that when expected to do something, they tend to become niggly and miserable.

Accept help. Ask for assistance. You can’t do it all. Keep it simple. Eat cake. Smile. Cherish and be in the moment.

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