My Mother’s Day miracle

Mommy blogger Nikita Camacho shares her thoughts on her first Mother’s Day as a new mom.


Mother’s Day – the hallmark holiday that I always enjoyed celebrating the incredible woman that I call my mom. Now the slipper was on my foot, as it was my turn to celebrate my first Mother’s Day.

The day was ingrained in my mind as stores flashed the date of Mother’s Day and displayed “best gift ever” cards. I now understand why they do that, to help stumped partners and children on what to get the special women in their lives.

While a week’s trip to an exotic location would make a mom jump with glee, it’s unrealistic and much too pricey. Besides, how would a family cope without supermom? A comfy set of pyjamas, fuzzy slippers or perfume are just fine.

I was eager to see what my husband had planned, because it was going to be difficult to get reservations anywhere with a 10-month-old baby’s babbling.

The day started off with a baby that slept through the night until 6.15am. A true Mother’s Day miracle if you ask me. This was followed by my first “Best Mommy in the World” card and a thoughtful gift of perfume. I was surprised by this, because buying a perfume is not an easy task and I could picture my poor husband in the store trying to decide what scent I’d like.

He had planned a special picnic lunch at the botanical gardens. A picturesque idea until the first cold front decided to appear. Scattered rain showers and single digit temperatures chased the Mother’s Day plan away.

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So after a home-cooked brunch, the couch beckoned while the rain pelted against the windows and we enjoyed the time to laze about. I even managed to sneak in a good nap. The odds were in my favour.

Even though Mother’s Day didn’t go exactly the way my husband planned, I appreciated the day regardless. Not even the weather could dampen time spent at home with my little family.

Maybe Mother Nature can make the cold snap a Mother’s Day tradition, and we can do this all again next year, plus with new fuzzy slippers.

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