Millennial moms are getting parenting right


Every generation of mothers is different. Think of the 1950s mother – children were seen and not heard, and they were neatly tucked in bed ready for a goodnight kiss from Dad on his return from work.

Think of the helicopter moms of the early 2000s, who monitored and cautioned their child’s every move.

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We now have a new generation of mothers – millennial moms – and they are doing things differently, and making no apology for it.

Just how are millennial moms parenting differently and what can we praise them for?

They are often well educated

Millennial moms have very often successfully completed a tertiary education and are armed with knowledge. They are well read and are educated before they have children.

Millennial moms are older

They are often older moms opting to start a family in their early to mid-30s in comparison to the baby boomers who started families in the early 20s.

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They have a career

Often, millennial moms have a career and they look forward to get back to it. They are proud to be working moms and don’t feel guilty for working and parenting by choice.

They are socially savvy

Often, everything from conception onwards is documented on social media. Gone are the days of a baby albums. The children of millennial moms will have an Instagram account to look back on their baby pics.

Millennial moms are health conscious

The millennial mother makes her own organic, fresh baby food with quinoa instead of reaching for a jar of ready-made baby food. Their babies are exposed to a variety of wonderful foods, developing health-conscious, well-rounded palates.

They expect help and empower dads

Dads are  involved in their children’s lives. They feed, soothe and bath their own kids. There are now even baby-changing stations in male bathrooms. It’s common to see a millennial dad strolling down the street carrying a baby with a stylish leather baby bag over his shoulder.

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They need mom time

Millennial moms understand they can’t pour from an empty cup. Mom time is vital to a happy family dynamic. Therefore they make sure to take time for themselves as often as they need it.

They are resourceful

Millennial mothers will draw on resources. She will consult websites, social media, and mom groups to get advice, help or opinions. She will seek a number of answers before choosing one that works for her and her family.

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