#MakeItYours with McCain

This is one moms’ WhatsApp group you won’t want to miss! Get connected and join Joe, Dineo, Lindiwe, Suhanna and Zanele as they navigate their way through the everyday ups and downs of being a mom and see how you can also #MakeItYours.


#MakeItYoursMcCain has created a WhatsApp group with five moms, who each have different parenting styles, and whose children are in the same class. You can join in the fun, too, but first, let’s meet the moms.


Suhanna (30) is the super-competitive mom with twins. She gets more done in 24 hours than most of us do in a week and she’s great at balancing good nutrition with timetables, extra-murals and other achievements. 


Quite the opposite of Suhanna, Jo (38) is a hot-mess mom who’s doing her best to keep her life together. Jo has a six-year-old and 10-month-old and suddenly became a single mom. She usually opts for the easiest and quickest food and meals – cheesy fries and potato wedges are her go-to specialities.


Mom of one and the hustler of the group, Zanele (28), is a goal-setter and a go-getter. She has faith in herself and her growth for the future. And if there’s a great deal out there, or a smarter way to do something that will leave a bit more cash in her pocket, Zanele will find a way. She loves to have a big cook-up with the women she lives with. What could be better than a Sunday roast?


Dineo (32), is a techno-diva who’s on top of all the new hashtags, online trends, celebrity news and wardrobe malfunctions. But this mom of two has it all together and strives to inspire those around her. Dineo works in a cellphone shop (where else!) and online is truly where she shines.


Lindiwe (35), a businesswoman and mom of four, tells it like it is – she doesn’t have time for anything else! Her home salon is expanding, so while she takes care of business, her husband stays home to look after the kids. That doesn’t mean she’s not involved – she is a planner of meals and extra-mural activities and will challenge you to keep up with her any day. Life still has a few surprises to throw her way, though…

The WhatsApp Group

When these five moms’ children end up in the same class and they start a WhatsApp group, hilarity ensues along with great tips on meals, healthy eating, parenting, and life in general.

Join the fun in two easy steps

  • Step 1: Save the McCain number – 065 933 0567 – to your phone.
  • Step 2: Send a WhatsApp message with “opt-in” and your name to the McCain number. Then just sit back and enjoy!

Watch the trailer below:

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