Lessons I learned during my first year of motherhood


Looking at the calendar for 2017, I can’t believe that my baby’s first birthday is fast approaching – I’m both excited and apprehensive.

When I cradled my newborn, people warned me that it would all pass in a blink of an eye. Between breastfeeding, postpartum depression and adjusting to life as a new mom, I didn’t heed their warnings. The long nights and seemingly repetitive days seduce you with the promise of time.

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Looking back now, I realise that those long nights of fumbling and struggling to burp my baby did go by fast.

Here are some lessons I learned during my first year of motherhood:

Time is a precious commodity I didn’t realise how quickly my mind would forget how small and precious my daughter was as a teeny tiny baby. I stare at photos of her and try to relive those moments.

Capture the moment I make the effort to document my daughter’s growth as much as possible. After all, one of the best things we have at our disposal these days are a Smartphone with high-quality cameras.

Be in the moment, too I often ask my husband to take photos of me with my daughter. As moms, we often find ourselves behind the camera and I’d like my daughter to have photos of me, too, so one day we can laugh at how I dressed or the style of my hair.

To sum up, treasure the good times and the bad, capture as many moments as possible, and relish it.

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