In honour of dads who show up to parenting…

Hip Hop artist, rapper, dancer and musician Lindo Sithole, affectionately known as “Lin Dough” chats to us about his favourite role – being Dad to four-year-old Vavildo. He says his priorities have changed since becoming a dad. By Thobeka Phanyeko


When Lindo Sithole is not entertaining crowds across South Africa, he is creating memories with his favourite playmate. He is a doting dad, and looks forward to many more priceless moments with “Valdo.”

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What does fatherhood mean to you?

Fatherhood means teaching your child what a man does. For example, my son knows that you don’t lay your hands on a woman – that’s one lesson you need to teach your son.

How has your life changed since you became a father?

In so many ways; I’ve learnt to be more responsible financially and to put my family first.

Whats your approach to parenting?

I believe in being a role model to my child by treating him with respect. He, in turn, respects me and those closest to me.

How do you manage to fit quality time with your son into your busy schedule?

I make sure I give him all the attention he needs – especially when I’m not performing. It’s very important to spend quality time with my son; he treats me like his best friend and we play together. We also go to the park, and I know all his likes and dislikes. I’ve also been present for every milestone and the day he started walking is a moment I’ll cherish forever.

Lindo Sithole

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What awesome dimension has he added to your life?

He has added dignity and respect to my image. As a responsible dad, people who know me personally have expressed that they respect me for being a super dad who is always with his son. The young dads who follow me on social media are also inspired by my approach to parenting.

Whats the significance of Fathers Day to you?

It’s a great reminder that you are appreciated as a father – whether it’s a phone call or a text message saying Happy Father’s Day, it would make my day.

Whats the best memory you have of your son?

There’s a whole lot, but the most precious one was the day he was born. My dream was to be there when he was born and get to see him when he was a minute old.

Whats your Fathers Day message to other dads?

Let’s love our kids and be there to support them – not only when they need us, but all the time. And to those fathers who are running away from their responsibility, you are missing out on one of the best times.

Check out Lindo’s track “Mfanomncane” below:

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