7 healthy smoothies that moms and kids will enjoy

These delicious smoothies will make sure that you have the energy you need to get through your busy day, and provide your tot with the necessary nutrients she needs to grow.


It can be a real challenge to get your picky eater to eat fruit and vegetables, but the great thing about smoothies is that while they’re packed with nutritional goodness, they also have the illusion of being a treat.

Try one of these yummy smoothies:

Blueberry granola smoothie

No time for breakfast? No problem. This blueberry and granola smoothie is deliciously filling and nutritious.


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Super berry smoothie

Boost your toddler’s immune system with this smoothie high in antioxidants and fibre.


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Chocolate coconut surprise

 Add a little Nutella to this smoothie and you have a sweet yet healthy treat your tot will love.


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Fruit smoothie

Fruit smoothies are a healthy alternative to cold drinks and sweetened juices, and even more delicious.


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Apple, banana and date smoothie

Don’t feel like a heavy meal in this heat? This smoothie makes a great light lunch.


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Cucumber cooler

Expecting? A nutritious smoothie is a convenient way to get all the extra nourishment you need during pregnancy, especially when you’re suffering from nausea or morning sickness and can’t stomach rich food.


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Popeye smoothie

Your picky eater might not be too thrilled with the green colour of this smoothie, so perhaps you’ll have to sip on this delicious treat on your own.


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