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Here are some of our must-read blogs, so put your feet up during the holidays and enjoy some down time.

Parenting blogs

Super Mom Blog
Why we love it: The best thing that can happen when you’re blogging is that you find a bunch of like-minded people who enjoy and appreciate the fact that you’re putting yourself out there. Hopefully they connect with what you’re saying and you can create your own little community.
This blog’s mass appeal is in no small part thanks to the user-friendly design and layout and the fact that its author, Fiona, is clearly passionate about documenting everything from her recipes to her weekend outings. The photography is inspirational and really gives a wonderful feel for her day-to-day experiences as a busy mom on the go.

“The main purpose of the blog is to share my experience and insights as a mother; to reignite the passion and purpose in my life … I do feel that if we share more of what we know and feel, we may be able to help someone and encourage them to find their passion and purpose.”

The Reluctant Mom
Why we love it: If it’s honesty you want, it’s honesty you’ll get. This blog isn’t a glossy view of motherhood, but a real reflection by a real person of what being a mother, wife and woman is really about.
In one post ‘The Reluctant Mom’ even discusses what moms can expect to happen to their relationships once they bring their baby home – it’s not pretty.
This blog will help you be prepared for what’s ahead and have you looking forward to those joyous moments that make it all worthwhile.

Why we love it: As a working mom, you may feel alone and disconnected from other mothers – but they’re out there and they’re going through just the same things you are. Claire Minnaar (mom of two, PHP developer and avid blogger) started Momtrepeneur in an attempt to connect working moms and allow them to offer advice, shoulders to cry on when the stresses of working and raising a family seem overwhelming, or when you’re just so happy you have to tell someone.

“I wanted working moms to know that they weren’t alone and to share things I had learnt from running a business and being a mom. Through my blog I’ve had the opportunity to help moms with their businesses and it’s a privilege to feel I’ve contributed positively to other people’s lives,” says Claire.

The Stilletto Mum
Why we love it: The Blogger Secret Santa initiative on the site this year is epic, and although entries for 2012 have closed, there’s sure to be another one next year – judging by the success it’s had this year. So if you’re a blogger yourself, get involved!
But this blog gets a thumbs up all year round too because it’s written by a woman who became a mom at the age of 19 and has made it work through all the ups and downs that life brings. You’ll connect to her honesty and her upbeat attitude will keep you hooked.

Fashion blogs

Style Scoop
Why we love it: One of the most frustrating things about reading most fashion blogs is that they’re generated overseas. This may help you keep up-to-date on international trends, but hardly anything you see on the sites is available locally – it’s just for inspiration. However, Style Scoop is different because it’s of an international standard so you can be sure to never miss out on all the latest happenings, yet it’s a local site, offering current and interesting trends (that are wearable and totally achievable).

Fashion Freaks
Why we love it: The interface might be a bit jarring with the bold pink font on a black background. However, if you love blogs for the great pictures this will keep you occupied for hours with images of all the latest and greatest fashion offering from the Balmain collection to seriously stylish tots. Look out for the Baby Alonso post featuring the most stylish kids we’ve ever seen.

Lifestyle blogs

Kim Grey
Why we love it: The fact that we’ve only chosen one should say it all. With everything on offer from food to fashion to fabulous décor ideas, this really is your one-stop blog. As a lover of all things beautiful, Kim certainly takes the guess work out of choosing products by trying them for you and giving you a selection of only the best, yet affordable products on the market. Her décor posts are wonderfully inspiring too, and there are amazing giveaways on offer during the festive season, so log on as soon as you can! The best part is that each day you long on, you’re sure to find something new.

Food blogs

A Foodie Lives Here
Why we love it: From lemon curd ice cream sandwiches to courgette and mint rostis with tzatziki, every single one of these recipes are delicious, simple and family friendly. The author Sarah Graham is a mom herself so she understands your needs and you won’t find pretentious, fiddly meals featuring rare ingredients and impossible preparation methods.
Sarah has recently released a book, Bitten, which in her own words is a book filled with “unpretentious recipes from a food blogger.” There’s also a cooking show in the pipelines so keep an eye on this charming amateur chef.

Why we love it: Filled with low-carb options you’ll thank us for introducing you to the host of divine meals, minus the guilt. The blog “is all about careful, patient home cooking, and about how to prepare really excellent food for family and friends.” And we agree because Jane-Anne Hobbs Rayner has a way of taking you through recipes in a way that makes it oh so easy. Plus, she’ll let you in on all her little tips and tricks – so cooking becomes enjoyable and hassle free.

Real Men Can Cook
Why we love it: Judging by the recipes and gorgeous pictures, we wouldn’t mind a man like Frantz Brand cooking for us at home. With his sense of humour and hearty meals tantalizing our taste buds, this blog is a breath of fresh air. You’ll also find traditional South African recipes that everyone in your family will enjoy.

Simply Delicious
Why we love it: Product reviews and scrumptious recipes will keep your kitchen a hub of activity during the holidays and beyond. We love the interface and easy-to-use recipe finder where you can literally click on what you have in your fridge – like eggs, for example – and you’ll find easy-to-follow recipes like Scotch eggs, spaghetti carbonara and tiramisu – yum!

International blogs

Confessions of a Pioneer Woman
Why we love it: Another all-in-one, go-to blog. Written by a mom, there are fabulous recipes, great adventures and some wonderful ideas when it comes to activities with the kids. We urge you to have a look these holidays.

Trend Tablet
Why we love it: You won’t believe your eyes when you see the culinary wonders featured here. It might not be the best site for you if you’re suffering from morning sickness at the moment – one post features caviar photographed in a woman’s ear!

What I Wore
Why we love it: If you’re tired of blogs showing expensive clothes, jewellery and over-the-top restaurants, you’ll certainly appreciate this humble blog. Jessica Quirk re-imagines, re-interprets and re-purposed her existing wardrobe – and she always looks great. Reading this blog gives us ‘mere mortals’ hope that you can look chic and stylish on a budget

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