Sun safety tips for the whole family

Posted on November 25th, 2015

Here’s how you and your little ones can have fun in the sun the safe way. By Candice Tehini

Summer is all about playing outdoors, having fun and enjoying the sun on your skin. Unfortunately, summer is also about heatwaves, sunburn and sunstroke.

Here are some tips to help you and your little ones have a fun, but safe, summer:

  • Apply sunscreen 15 – 30 minutes before sun exposure, as it takes that long to become active. The quantity you apply should also be enough for you to see a slight residue on your skin. If you don’t see anything, you’ve probably applied too little.
  • Reapply your sunscreen every 40 – 80 minutes, depending on the waterproof properties of the lotion. Even if you don’t swim, reapply your sunscreen every 3 hours.
  • SPF has a short lifespan and your skin can only stay protected for so long; spending hours on end in the sun, day after day, is not good, no matter how much sunscreen you apply.
  • Avoid the midday sun.
  • Sit in the shade whenever you can.
  • Use the appropriate sunscreens for your level of exposure, and your age and skin type.
  • Wear protective clothing – this includes wide-brimmed hats, sunglasses and UV-protected outfits.
  • Drink plenty of water, and make sure you stay hydrated.

Here’s our pick of the best sunscreens to protect you and your family from the sun’s harmful rays:

For the little ones:

1. NIVEA Sun Kids Moisturising Sun Spray SPF 50+, R179.99

2. NIVEA SUN Kids Swim & Play Lotion SPF 50+, R149.99

For mom and dad:

3. NIVEA SUN Anti-Age Face Sun Cream, R94.99

4. NIVEA SUN Protect & Refresh Lotion SPF 30, R109.99

Editor’s pick

5. Smartsun wristband UV indicator, R99.95 (for pack of 5)

The Smartsun wristband is a UV indicator that changes colour when it’s time to reapply sun cream or stay out of the sun for the rest of the day. The Smartsun wristband works by measuring the amount of UV radiation you have been exposed to and will change colour accordingly. The wristbands themselves are waterproof, discreet and reliable and will alert you before you notice any damage to your skin.
Each band is one wear only, and starts out as yellow, changing to beige and then pink to alert you when it is time to top up on sun lotion, or when it is time to avoid the sun for the rest of the day.

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