The importance of early childhood interventions


Our children are our future and it’s therefore important to make sure they receive the right educational tools and qualified staff to help them thrive. The Eskom Development Foundation believes it’s crucial to provide quality education to South African children, and that early interventions in early childhood are particularly successful tools to achieve this, which is why they partnered with The Siyathuthuka training and resource centre.
The centre trains members from the community in Early Childhood Development (ECD) so they in turn can educate the young children in their own communities. The Siyathuthuka training and resource centre is now in its 25th year of operation and has centres in Botleng and Delmas and currently operates in Delmas, Ogies, Devon, Leandra, Springs, Kwa-Thema, Tsakane, Heidelberg and Bronkhorstspruit.
Siyathuthuka was established in 1988 after a farmer’s wife, Robyn Baskand, grew increasingly worried about the long traveling distances leading to workers arriving late on the farm.
After discussing this problem with her immediate community members, she decided to open a day care centre. After just a few months, the centre grew with more neighbouring communities requiring the same service.
She needed more help. Angelina Mashilo, a qualified pre-school teacher who was also trained in career development and had the skills to train adults in Early Childhood Development, was employed to train the day care workers for the centre.
Today she is the Managing director of the Siyathuthuka training and resource centre and has trained many pre-school teachers over the last 25 years.
Thanks to assistance from the Eskom Development foundation, the training centre received a lot of recognition and funding which meant they could train more community members in Early Childhood Development, which will improve the economy and allow children to get a solid educational foundation.

For more information about The Eskom Development Foundation, contact Chris Bornman on 011 800 2758 or email

For information about The Siyathuthuka Training and Resource Centre, contact Angelina Mashilo on 013 667 9911 or email

The Eskom Development Foundation sponsored 45 individuals to complete the Early Childhood Development training at the Siyathuthuka Training and Resource Centre.

Young children thrive when they receive the right stimulation in the early childhood development phase, helping them grow into productive adults.

Staff who complete the Siyathuthuka Early Childhood Development training are equipped with the skills to enhance a child’s development.

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