4 tips for finding a gap to exercise in between work and family time

Exercise should always find a place in your weekly schedule but the big question is when and how? Here are some tips on how to make time to look after yourself. A happy mom equals a happy baby.

As a mom and busy career woman, being at the top of your field can be challenging especially when you need to make time for all the things you love in your life. Adventure Boot Camp’s working moms share some tips and advice to fit exercise into your busy schedule.

1. Be organised

Keep a diary and plan ahead. And note on which days you need to work late or leave early. Make sure your kids are being looked after. Being organised is essential if you want to find time to fulfil your own needs.

2. Sign up for a programme

Sign up for an exercise programme. This keeps you accountable and helps you to plan your time accordingly. Adventure Boot Camp for women is just one example of an exercise option that requires commitment. The best part about Adventure Boot Camp is that it takes place outdoors and you have the option to attend either 1, 3 or 5 days a week over a 4 week period. This gives you some flexibility and allows you to plan your week accordingly.

3. Pre-pack school lunches the night before

Make sure you also pack your own snack box so you maintain a healthy eating routine while on the go! Eating properly keeps one energised and ready to exercise. A healthy diet will help you fulfil your various roles both at home and around the boardroom.

4. Be creative

Use the stairs at work and take advantage of your garden or furniture at home to incorporate some exercising into your day. Get the kids involved as well. If you’re walking in the park, a bench or a rock is a good place to do a few tricep dips, or maybe some push ups.

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