DJ Zinhle on motherhood, PLUS her best tips for new moms

She’s a powerhouse on the SA music scene, but to her daughter she’s nothing but a calm, collected and devoted mom. By Thobeka Phanyeko


Zinhle Jiyane is known for making music, but she’s certainly not confined to the turntables – she’s also a TV personality, brand ambassador and the co-founder of Fuse Academy, a deejaying school aimed at empowering young women who are interested in a career in the entertainment industry.

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Here, she shares what she knows for sure and her best advice for new moms.

I’m mom to Kairo (2) and she is my greatest love.

I’m blessed to have such a full life, because I’ve also just added a reality show to my list of accomplishments. I think it’s God’s timing.

I try to take everything in my stride.

Juggling it all in heels has been tough, but planning helps – together with a supportive team and family. We all need better time-management skills. I would like to advise other women and moms to avoid burnout by taking it a day at a time. Planning is key.

What I enjoy most about being a mom is…

Seeing Kairo’s perspective on life. She enjoys the little things and this has taught me much about life’s simple pleasures, like her hugs. I trust her and give her room to try things – I don’t panic around her. I also like challenging her; she’s a smart little girl.

I think moms need to let go of self-limiting beliefs.

One particular belief is that they must neglect themselves in order to be good moms. I’m passionate about myself. It starts with me and I can then translate that passion to my child, work, family and friends.

Music makes me feel young, happy and fulfilled.

The song that best describes me is “Titanium” by David Guetta featuring Sia. It’s definitely the soundtrack to my life. My track “Colours”, featuring Tamara Dey, is a feel-good, happy track. It’s about living in the moment, appreciating every experience for what it is and knowing that everything happens for a reason. Seize the moment and don’t be afraid to start over.

I know for sure that everything happens for a reason.

I also believe that everything is as it should be. I am on the right path and I am equipped and prepared to live out my dreams.

Parenting tips from Zinhle

  • The best parenting advice I’ve ever received was to trust myself.
  • I keep nappies, wipes, a change mat, two outfits and the Barney toy in Kairo’s nappy bag.
  • My favourite activity with Kairo is dressing up; she usually ends up wearing more than she needs – way more.

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